Funemployment Released!

Funemployment Released!

Funemployment – Released! 

March 5th, 2019 

If you have know me for awhile, then I’m sure at somepoint or another you have heard me mention the film Funemployment. I’ve even mentioned it on this blog a time or two. This is because being of that project was such a pivotal thing in my life. It was what started me on the path of full-time becoming a makeup artist in the film industry, and introduced me to friends and collaborators that I worked with for years to come, and to this very day. So, 5 years ago we did principle photography, then we did the kickstarter, then a while later we did some pickup scenes, and then in between then I know the director Christine Chen did countless sessions of ADR, edits, and reedits….but here it finally is! Available for your viewing pleasure.

You can find it on vimeo:
And also on Amazon.

Along with watching the full film finally, the gang has working on a podcast to accompany the film. You can hear from various members of the cast and crew discussing the crazy roller coaster that was the creating of the film! You can find it on all podcast players, and also you can find it in video form on their youtube here

Additionally, as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m actually one of the guest! and am in two episodes. Specifically if you want to hear me reminisce and talk about the shenanigans, and lack of experience I had, watch the two videos below!




January 15th, 2019

What is the beginning of a new year without looking back at the years before and what all we have accomplished? And well, luckily friend and director Christine Chen made that super easy for me this year! So flashback to five years ago, when I had was a drift in life, loved makeup, loved movies, wanted to combine the two, but had no clue how to. And into my life came Christine, who was working on her first feature film. And so began the insanity of that project, and many more to come!

Came back to the present, and Christine is getting ready to release that first film, planning on making another! So how does all this happen? Well, here’s the parts you need to know:

-Podcast! Because of what a crazy ride making that first film was, it was decided that it needed to be documented. and what better way then in this day and age, then to do a podcast. You can find the Funemployment podcast on most streaming services. Also if you want to specifically hear from me I’ve included the video of me gabbing:

-Preselling Funemployment! Yup, as mentioned the film is finally coming out, and you can go ahead are buy it in advance at this link:


-Buy the collection of short films! Can’t wait for Funemployment? That’s okay, you can watch a collection of award 5 winning short films that the Moth to Flame Team has worked on! Plus along with getting some instant entertainment, you also get to contribute to funding our next feature. Win win!


its amazing looking back at all these projects, seeing how far we’ve come from making these, and also the pride in sharing them. It has been an interesting 5 years, and I’m so happy with where life has taken me. here’s to the next 5, and making more amazing projects, with great people!

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